How to become member

Becoming a member of Casus Belli is easy. You only have to visit the Shop page and conveniently purchase the 2016 membership card (eur 15)  with Paypal, using your favourite means of payment. Paypal transactions are the most wide-spread means  of on-line payment because they are easy, fast, transparent and garantee safety like no other. For 2016 every member is entitled to:

  • a plastic membership card with information about the holder;
  • interesting discounts from several game stores (collective orders will be made periodically);
  • the board wargame “Waterloo-l’ultima battaglia di Napoleone”, specifically designed by Casus Belli members for all 2016 membership card holders;
  • various gadgets  of Casus Belli Association (stickers and pins);
  • furthermore, you’ll be able to purchase all items (meant exclusively for the association’s members) displayed in the  Shop page of this site.

You’ll also be able to stay always  informed about events (debuts, conventions) and gaming activities  (tournaments and championships) in Italy and abroad.