Waterloo: Napoleon’s last battle

French_Command3-(5-1-3)                      Brit_Command3-(3-1-2)


“Waterloo: l’ultima battaglia di Napoleone” is an introductory board wargame designed by members of Casus Belli association for the association itself. The subject of the game is the famous battle between Napoleon and Wellington which took place in 1815 and caused Napoleon’s final defeat and his getting off the stage of history. The game simulates the first part of the battle, until short before the arrival of the prussian reinforcements. The limited amount of counters, the size of the map, the duration of the game and the limited amount of rules make of it a good introductory game for anyone willing to  approach the world of pure board wargaming. Movement and combat take place on a classic hex grid with the use of playing cards (“Tactical” cards and “Command” cards). A high number of alternate activations by both players and the way in which cards are used contribute to “mitigate” the flaws of a classic “I go, you go” mechanism.